I have been asked a number of times now to share some of my favorite basics in my wardrobe. Finding the perfect basics is a never ending task, and after four years I finally feel like I am content with the staples in my wardrobe. So without further adieu- the basic items in my wardrobe that I cannot live without.

Silk Camisole – Lets start with the undermost layer, the silk camisole. I love this item because You can wear it on its own, or layer it under almost anything. I prefer my camisole to be loose and breathable, with the thinnest straps possible. I own both a black and a white one, and love these silk styles from Club Monaco and Tibi. 

Button Down Shirt – Arguably the most versatile item in my wardrobe. I own one white woven cotton button down from COS and two silk button downs- in both black and white. I love the Equipment silk button downs, however Everlanes are quite good as well. I like this item to be a tad over sized in fit.

Cotton T shirt – Hands down my favorite Tee is the LA made, SkaGorn Tee sold at Madewell. I love its super boxy over sized fit, and how thick and soft the fabric is. I own it in black and have plans to get it in white as well.

Sweaters – I’m not a huge fan of chunky knit sweaters, so instead I opt for cut and sew versions. I love sweaters with interesting seams and soft comfortable fabric. My favorite one I own is from Duffy, but this Zara sweater has recently caught my attention- love the exposed seams and structured fabric!

Blazer – Every girl needs a great blazer, or in this case, two. I have a long sleeved black blazer and I recently picked up the white sleeveless blazer (pictured above). Both are in constant rotation for me. For the black blazer I love a trusty Helmut Lang, or a less expensive version here. For the white sleeveless blazer, you can find a similar option here.

Little Black/White Dress – My first LBD I picked up from Zara, and still absolutely love it. It has a low back and a over sized boxy fit.  I think its best to start with a very basic LBD that cant be dressed up or down- I prefer mine to be sleeveless because I think it looks more elegant. Some good options here and here.  A Little White Dress should have a bit more interest- maybe a subtle hem or fabric detail. I have found that they are more wearable when they have a little bit more too them. Good options here and here.

Jersey Pencil Skirt – In the summer I practically live in this. Soft, comfortable and breathable. I own this Vince one in black, however there are plenty of less expensive versions available.

Denim – My favorite brands are ACNE Studios, Imogene and Willie & Madewell, in both black and white. Having a great pair of black denim is more important then white, but I do love wearing both colors year round. I prefer my denim to be slightly high rise and very skinny.

Wide Leg Trousers – This was a recent addition to my wardrobe but they have quickly become favorites. I own one pair in white that I picked up this summer from Zara. Similar option here.

Black Booties – I wear ACNE Studios boots, pretty much exclusively. I practically live in my Donna boots by them, but I think these Pistols are another great option. Other options here and here.