If you’re just starting the journey of a curated closet, I always recommend starting with the base layer—a delicate, sophisticated collection of intimates. Feeling put together starts with what you’re wearing underneath, so I always make sure to invest in beautiful pieces. Since I’ve spent time fine-tuning this area of my wardrobe, I always feel good about my outfit as a whole—carefully chosen, quality garments underneath give an added level of confidence to a woman’s whole look.

With lingerie, simplicity equals versatility. Simple and feminine pieces can transition seamlessly from one occasion to another—day or evening, casual or formal, in the office or the home. Stick with nude or black whenever possible and you’ll have freedom to choose pieces with playful details like cutouts or sheer fabric while remaining chic and sophisticated.

The NUDE Label is one of my favorites. A conceptual brand of intimates, NUDE’s bras and panties are just basic enough to remain versatile but always have a little pop of interesting detail. The blend of personality and timelessness in their designs make their pieces feel like second skin. And bonus!-Use the promo code WELXNUDE for a discount on their beautiful pieces (just in time for valentines day!)

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