When it comes to my hair I am extremely picky about who I let touch it. Ie: I have had the same stylist for close to five years now. She can take a thick mane of hair (like mine) and tame it in ways that I have never thought possible. Its no wonder I have been able to keep a 60s inspired bob for this long (not to mention throwing in a serious dose of bed head). Who is this magic worker you might be asking yourself? Well, it is the one and only Marriah of Salon LaVigne.

Not only is she pure magic, but her little two chair shop tucked away in the North Loop, Minneapolis, is certainly worth a trip to. Its quaint, gorgeous and stylish in every way possible. Hair is truly her craft and a long time passion of hers (since she was a teenager!) She pours everything shes has into every cut and every color she gives her clients. In her own words, ” I put everything into what I do and my wish is for clients to see, feel, understand, and ultimately appreciate the work and the experience. I love what I do and love to make people feel great and look great.”

Marriah has helped craft my signature bob style, not to mention achieve anything I desired. From the perfect cut to silver hair. All in all, do yourself a huge favor and go see her. I love saying with confidence that I know she will take amazing care of all of you!

+ salonlavigne.com

photography by 2nd truth