Life can be busy, like weekly I think to myself where time went. Honestly, probably daily. But I am never disappointed when I do slow down and take a bit of time to reflect and show others how much I care. Today I spent a bit of time writing some thank you notes from my week in NYC. Sipping coffee, a bit of planning and reading- I am totally not complaining. And I was lucky enough to use these gorgeous Papyrus x Zang Toi greeting cards. I have always loved the quality and design of Papyrus cards, and love the recent collaborations they have been doing with designers. In fact, they are of the first to introduce design partnerships to greeting cards, which I find innovative and creative.

Learn from me, and take some time today to slow down. Sip your coffee extra slow, enjoy the sun, and let some one know you’re thinking of them.


this post was sponsored by Papyrus in partnership with WEL.