I am beyond excited to be partnering with, and able to introduce you all to Mercedes Castillo. A line of beautifully crafted accessories, that I know you all will love.

Mercedes Castillo is a brand that pulls inspiration from art, architecture and personal expression. When I met Mercedes and walked through the collection with her I was struck by dynamic personality and her love of design. She is her brand, in the best way possible. (Just look at this amazing post about her first muse.) But yet the brand is also for all of us, right down to the amazing use of color, combination of materials, and the art books scattered across the show room. I wanted to style and show case the brand in a way that was suiting, so I chose to shoot it in my own home. I am wearing the Abia mule and the Curve crossbody bag. I love the subtle detail of each- the shape in the heel of the mule, and the arch in the center of the bag. Its just enough design to keep you falling in love with the brand over and over again, because after all it is about personal expression.