Decorating your home can be a very grueling process. It can also be extremely rewarding. And for me, can all happen in a weekend. That’s right, I woke up one Friday morning and decided I hated all my furniture– it wasn’t me, and It was not working. I had a big marble table- and while I love marble in any form, it was too sterile in the loft I am currently renting. The black couch was doing nothing for me, and the big cream rug was just too plain for the space. Nothing screamed “come sit and enjoy a glass of wine”, too be honest, I didn’t even use my living room. I had a few pieces that I loved, but needed to combine them with others.

So let’s talk about the process of designing a space you love. It can be overwhelming, but with a little trail and error, you can build a home for yourself. For me it all started with studying my Pinterest board – what did I want my space to look and feel like? I decided because I live in a loft that is all concrete and brick, I needed the furniture I bought to warm it up, and help it feel cozy. But I also knew that once I moved say, to a place that had pre-war charm and wood floors, I would still love how warm and inviting my furniture would feel. From there, I did A LOT of photoshopping. I combined so many options of furniture and colors- to finally get to something I loved. It felt perfect, and finally felt like me!

Shades of Neutral: Living Room Update

So, I started by doing both some online and in person shopping. Also, I knew that I wanted a cream or cognac leather couch. So I decided to go with leather, knowing it would stay cleaner and age incredibly well. I was lucky enough to find the perfect couch at the local Bludot outlet, and they gave me an amazing deal. (Thanks guys!) I love their designs- they feel modern, but yet charming. Never stale. I own quite a few Bludot pieces, and love them all!

Once I found the perfect couch I could work out the remaining details to pull it all together. The coffee table is vintage, and I love its sleek lines. I am debating adding a second table from local shop Forage. The planter is from Modernica and is the only planter I will ever own. Its just too perfect.

But my decorating fell short while trying to find the perfect rug. Luckily I had RugsUSA to lean into. They were so helpful in helping me choose the perfect rug for the space. I wanted a subtle pattern, and all natural materials. This rug is perfect, and is honestly the softest rug I have ever owned.

So what do you guys think? Im so curious to hear your thoughts about my living room update!

Living Room Update