Finding the perfect t-shirt can be quite the challenge. Luckily for all you, the answer has been found, and it will not break the bank.

Apart from blogging, I do a bit of closet consultation work, and in some of my recent projects I have been noticing the kinds of t-shirts women buy. Some sort of paper thin, vintage looking, v-neck. We all know the type. Yet when I look at my clients inspiration images of Jane Birkin in a perfect white T, I realized people were buying the absolute wrong kind of t-shirts. Instead of buying the fake vintage T, its time to start buying something with a bit of structure, something that you can tuck and roll up the sleeves, and that you can not wear a bra with (I know, gasp) to achieve the perfect Jane Birkin look.

Enter the mens crew cut from Uniqlo. Its perfectly soft, has the best structure, does not shrink and the best part- its only $5.90. I have multiples in both white and black and can honestly say they are my go to t-shirts.

The Perfect White Tshirt

perfect white tshirt perfect white tshirt perfect white tshirt

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