Im going to paint a picture for you. Last March I was wandering the streets of Paris with a friend (who is the vintage shopping queen) and she said to me “We HAVE to go check out this vintage shop. Its the coolest store ever”, and I didn’t think much of it. But I walked in, and it was love at first site. Curated racks of the coolest vintage pieces- how was I going to pick just one?! But I slipped into this vintage velvet jacket and knew it was meant to be. Thus re-kindled my love of shopping vintage.  (Thanks Court xoxo)

Shopping second hand can be both tricky and amazing. At times you can find a amazing steal on a vintage item thats just down right inspirational. Others, you are paying a pretty penny for something that might not be in the best of shape. But to me, the pros way outweigh the cons. So how do you know when something is worth the splurge, or is going to just be more junk in your closet? Well read my tips below, and let the vintage shopping begin!

  • Dress to go shopping. FYI lots of vintage stores don’t have real changing rooms. So wear something you can easily try items over.
  • Check the condition. And check it really good. (Especially the armpits) Vintage items can be fragile.  If you know that you are hard on your clothes, pass on something fragile because it will likely fall apart on the second wear. I tend to buy things that are sturdy so I can wear them frequently.
  • Stains are a no go. Because sadly, stains that have been there for 20 years are not coming out.
  • Avoid buying in bulk. It might be tempting to buy a ton if its all a good deal, but start with one piece you absolutely love, and is 100% wearable.
  • The piece should fit perfectly. Lets be honest, unless you are a closet seamstress, you are never going to take that super cool 80s mini skirt to get tailored. So unless its the piece you have always wanted and vow to take it to get fixed, pass on it. (PS- Always try on everything)
  • Don’t be afraid to dig. If you are looking for a deal, shop at a flea market or thrift store. Just be prepared to dig! Curated shops can be a ton easier to shop, but the prices will reflect the ease and experience. And carry cash if you are looking for said deal!
  • Splurge when you love it. Finding this vintage 1930’s velvet jacket in Paris was well worth the splurge. Every time I put it on, I feel instantly cool. And these photos barely do it justice.
  • When in doubt, shop your mothers closet. My mother keeps WAY too much and thus has most of her wardrobe from when she was my age. But every season I love going and bringing new life to a few pieces.

Ultimate guide to shopping vintage

how to shop for vintage by Wide Eyed Legless

ultimate vintage shopping guide