“The Moon brings up so much. Actuals and metaphors, the perceptions of a perception of a perception. She is everything and nothing, all at once—she can be a cipher, a channel, or a container. She’s the mirror that reflects everything in the world and a subversive alchemist: showing us the rays of the Sun channeled through space and time. She’s a catalyst, a potent prompt, or an extra in the background. She shows how we, too, can be everything and nothing all at once.”

I have always been drawn to the moon. In fact I have it tattooed on both of my wrists. I remember as a child watching it in the sky while driving with at night- watching it follow our car in that night time sky. And I remember thinking to myself  how lucky we were that wherever we drove, the moon seemed to follow.

Recently I’ve felt a deeper pull to it once again. And it has caused me to take a deeper look at it’s cycles and what they might mean for my life, for our lives. Just this past month we had the first full moon of August. And I was lucky enough to spend it with some beautiful ladies, chatting about life alongside some wine, and learning about what this new moon might mean for each of us.

For me its a bit of a personal month for the moons, as I am a Leo and this year there were two new moons in Leo, and two eclipses- of course one being the huge Solar Eclipse we all witnessed. Eclipses are known to bring and represent change. And as I have already shared with you all, Ive been enduring lots of change lately.  Somehow all these new moons and eclipses during traditional harvest times, seem to be showing us the exact things that we need to harvest in our own lives.

This full moon reminded me, in full force to heal. Because to heal oneself is to heal others. A reminder to focus on authentically living out the life I was set here to do, as it is a gift and service to the world for us all to do so.

So lets all embrace this change, and continue to move forward! I would love to hear your thoughts below!

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