As some of you might know from following my Instagram, I recently had a birthday. And as I continue to approach a new decade and a new stage of life I cant help but to think about this little corner of the internet that I call WEL. Specifically I am thinking about what WEL might mean to you all, and also what it means to me.

While I am so grateful that I have been able to turn this little blog into a full time gig (one year and counting!), I also know that I want it to be better. I want to push the limits by having open and real conversation (beyond just fashion) and creating the content that will leave you all feeling inspired and full. I want this next year of my life to be about you all.

27 was a very difficult year for me. My life changed drastically. Everything from leaving my full time corporate job, to the end of my 6 year long marriage, and while change is good, it is also incredibly hard. I want to open up with you all more about my journey and the things I have learned along the way. I want to explore with you how to rebuild a life.

WEL to me has always been a place to discover, create and inspire, and I want to continue that conversation in bigger and better ways. And of course, I would love to hear your input on any topics or questions you guys would like me to address! I hope you guys are as excited as I am about this new chapter of WEL. I truly feel like this year is going to be a good one!

yearly reflections