Ive always been somewhat of a minimalist when it comes to my beauty routine. When it comes to skincare, I pile it on. My motto there is “the more moisturizer the better”. But when it comes to makeup, I am quite the opposite, hardly wearing anything at all.  But on the weekends I tend to go out more, thus I tend to wear a little bit more. My weekend beauty mix tends to consist of fragrance, lipstick, and a dewy-glow-within complexion.

So here is a round up of my current weekend favorites. Often I wear the Armani fluid sheer without foundation over top. I love how it reflects light and makes my skin look extra dewy. I am a huge fan of a good face mist, and have been loving the Fig + Yarrow moon mist as of late. Elegant, floral scents, like a classic Chanel, are my constant go-to’s and also keep that summer mood alive, even in the chillier months.  For more inspiration and product, see what I am currently obsessing over via Pinterest.

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