It’s always been incredibly important to me that my home feels like a retreat. A place where I can relax and feel safe to just, be. I want my environment to bring a sense of peace while also inspiring my everyday life.  My surroundings have always had such an impact on my level of creativity, so naturally, I put a lot of thought into what items I choose to bring into my home and the effect they will have on me. Whether it is a new piece of art, or something as simple as the kind of soap I choose to purchase. I know it will change how I feel in my space. It’s the simple things, like the scent of a new candle can remind me of the summers of my childhood. And a new record can make for the perfect easy Sunday morning soundtrack.

As you all know, these days I travel quite a bit and am used to being away from home often. Thus I make it a priority to bring little things with me to make my temporary home feel homier.  Whenever I travel I always make sure to pack candles, a journal, and a few of my favorite books. I find that keeping some familiar and inspiring items nearby always helps to bring beauty and creativity to my stay. Even when I’m in living out of a hotel room.

Sterling Silver Paper Cup - Tiffany & Co.

This idea of making a home became more challenging for me recently. As I packed up my life in Minnesota and moved to California. Knowing that LA might be a temporary home I traveled light and brought the bare minimum with me.

However, I still want my temporary house here to feel lived in.  I want it to feel cozy, and sacred. I want it to feel, well, ME. So, making my temporary home here feel like a permanent home was my first priority upon arriving.  While I’m not here long term, I want to bring in objects that will be able to travel with me and transition easily from one space to another.

Enter, new home and accessories line of Tiffany & Co.

They recently sent me this gorgeous silver cup from their line and I have been so loving making it apart of my everyday routine. Currently, that consists of using it as a vase so I can arrange fresh flowers for my table. I’ve always thought that one of the best ways to add life into a home is with flowers, and living in LA I get to be surrounded by them all the time so I am definitely taking full advantage of that! I love how this Tiffany’s cup brings such a beautiful elegance to a simple, wild bouquet. To me, it’s this exact kind of item that adds immense beauty and personality to a home and helps you live a life well lived.

Sterling Silver Paper Cup - Tiffany & Co.

Sterling Silver Paper Cup - Tiffany & Co. | Wide Eyed Legless

Tiffany & Co

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