“How would you describe the past year in one word?” I was recently asked that very question and knew exactly what my word was. It was Change. Painful, thrilling, beautiful, Change.

2017 brought so much change. I made huge steps forward in my career. Dreams that I had only dared to imagine, started to unfold before my eyes. New friendships were blooming, and for the first time, I felt excited by the woman I was becoming.

Yet while all these amazing opportunities were unfolding, there was one massive change that kept haunting me, like a deep dark hole in the pit of my stomach. A change that was slowly forcing me to learn the pain and grief that comes along with a broken relationship. 2017 marked the year that I spent grieving the loss of something so sacred, important and special to me – my marriage.

I would never wish the pain of a divorce upon anyone. But through the lowest parts of this past year, I learned something very important (many thanks to this very article). I learned to never say “everything happens for a reason” because, frankly, that isn’t always the case. Everything happens, to all of us, all the time, and there often is no reason for any of it. Our role is to accept these things as they come and to help those around us do the same. We learn together how to build beauty out of suffering.

New Beginnings | Wide Eyed Legless

I’ve always intended WEL to be a place of inspiration. A place to get lost, to discover something new, or to just daydream the day away.  I chose to keep things light and to not go very personal on here. However, through a few recent conversations with some readers, I have decided that being a bit more open with you all might be a really beautiful thing. This platform can be both inspirational and a shoulder in which you can lean on.

New Beginnings by Madelynn Furlong | Wide Eyed Legless

New Beginnings

On the day that would’ve been my sixth wedding anniversary, I went back to the place where we spoke our vows to one another and I set up a beehive. A small reminder to myself that new life can come out of even the darkest of times. To me, this little hive represents the life that I want to work for: a life blooming with love and fragrant like honey.

So on that note, may this next year be a year of rebuilding what has been broken and celebrating abundance. May we continue to step forward, together and always search for the beauty amidst the suffering, pressing equally hard into both. Because believe it or not, beauty is present. Shining like a sliver of the moon on a cold winters night.