I love taking moments to share with you all what I am adding (and purging) from my own personal wardrobe. If you follow along on Instagram you probably saw that I recently did a massive closet overhaul. Is it just me, or do you all stare blankly at your wardrobe a few times a year and feel sick of everything?

I think I have finally come to a place in my life where I have accepted the fact that I get sick of clothing, and fast. When I first started writing about curating your closet I had a goal in mind to eventually hit this place of having the perfect closet- where I would own pieces for years because they were so perfect. And while I do own my basics for years, I’ve┬árealized its perfectly ok to have a revolving door of trendier pieces, because keeping that section of your wardrobe new and fresh, will only add to your inspiration and creativity (or at least it does for me)!

I try to limit myself to five pieces a season. I’ve found that five or so pieces have been an achievable number for me. Also, I can afford my quality pieces if I purchase less, but yet it is still enough pieces that my wardrobe feels new and fresh again. In addition, I tend to buy designer when purchasing seasonal pieces, because I know if I ever get sick of an item, I can always resell it for something new!


Seasons Purchases: What I Bought for S/S 18 - Wide Eyed Legless


Seasons Purchases - Wide Eyed Legless

So, with all that being said I wanted to put together a list for you all of what I have brought into my wardrobe recently (starting from left to right). Also, note that a few of these items were gifted, however, I am choosing to include them in the spirit of full transparency. Plus I think they are items that are worth investing in!

Seasons Purchases:

SANDRO LINEN BLAZER + TROUSERS: this is my most recent purchase and I am so excited about it. It has a very Celine vibe, and I think it will be perfect as the weather starts to warm up.

NANUSHKA LEMPO TUNIC: (gifted) I love a good black turtleneck and love the long slit in this one. I can already imagine wearing it a thousand different ways.

NANUSHKA GIA SWEATER: (gifted) a good creme sweater is essential to every wardrobe and this one is literally the perfect shade of creme.

BALENCIAGA QUADRO HEELS: I’ve loved these square toe heels forever, so when I saw them pop up on the RealReal, I had to snag them.

REALIZATION PAR DRESS: They simply do the best feminine dresses. I’ve owned a few in the past, and have no clue why I didn’t own the basic black one. I have already worn it multiple times, including on NYE!

BYFAR SOPHIE BOOTS: (gifted) I have owned a few different pairs of white boots, but these are by far my favorite. They are the perfect shape and have a super 60s feel to them. I love wearing them!

MNZ VENUS BLOUSE: I bought this on sale a few weeks back when Need Supply had their holiday sale. I love how special this top feels, and how feminine yet laid back and cool it looks. Definitely, one I plan on holding on to for a while.

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