My Move West - Wide Eyed LeglessIt has officially been 4 months of living in the sunny state of California, so I wanted to give you all an official update on how the move went!

So as you all know, at the beginning of this year, I got my own place! To be honest, it was a huge step for me as it was the first apartment I rented that was 100% my own, and let me tell you, living alone is a strange and beautiful thing.

When I moved in it was a completely blank slate and I have had such a fun time bring it to life (apartment tour post coming soon, I promise!) The best decision I made in my move, apart from deciding to get my own place, was to hire movers to help me get there in one piece! I worked with a local Minneapolis company called Day Makers Moving + Storage and they were a complete dream to work with. It meant so much to me to know that my belongings were in safe hands as I journeyed my way west.

So in honor of being in California for 1/4 a year, I put together this dreamy little video for you all on a recent trip to Joshua Tree. I hope you enjoy!

My Move West

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