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If you were to say the word backpack, I would immediately get flashed back to the many days I spent in a catholic uniform carrying one. And to be completely honest I don’t think I have really carried one since. Even throughout college, I preferred a canvas tote over a backpack.

I’ve always been a handbag girl. I used to carry the largest handbag possible, (Mary-Kate Olson style), and slowly the past few years have shifted to carrying the smallest handbag possible. But It wasn’t until Selfridges asked me to style one of their designer backpacks that I truly gave backpacks a second thought.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I have seen other girls carrying small designer backpacks to and from shows during fashion week, but I just never took the plunge and invested in one, and what a silly mistake that was. I’ve been carrying around this little Chloe backpack for a week now and have completely fallen in love. With that being said, I am happy to share with you all my top 5 reasons for investing in a designer backpack:

Designer backpacks, Chloe backpack, Chloe bags, Backpacks

Why You Should Invest In A Designer Backpack:

They are efficient: 

Ok I admit, what I am about to say to you here might be slightly dorky, but when I think about how many times a day I am balancing my phone and a coffee in one hand, and my tiny handbag in the other carrying this backpack totally eliminated that problem. They free up your hands and allow you to move about your day that much more efficiently.

They are versatile: 

There are many days when I am bouncing from meeting to meeting all afternoon only to have to head straight to a dinner that evening. I loved that you can also carry the backpack as a handbag thanks to the handy top strap.

They pack a lot of punch: 

Surprisingly they can hold their own in weight. Gone are the days of carrying a bag that can literally only fit your phone, because these little guys actually carry quite a bit (almost as much as the larger bags of my past!

They add interest to any outfit: 

Take this look as a perfect example. The backpack helps break up and add interest to a look that might otherwise be slightly basic.

They are kinda cute: 

Ok, I admit it. They are pretty dang cute.

The Modern Backpack with Selfridges

AD: This post has been sponsored by Selfridges. Make sure to shop their full range of Chloe bags via the link below!

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