Barcelona with Need Supply      Barcelona with Need Supply


“Barcelona, perhaps more than any city in the world, feels as if it sprouted and grew from the earth beneath it. Its monumentally organic spaces, a pan-stylistic architecture from nature-inspired designers that run the gamut from Gaudí to Gehry, emphasizes curves, imperfection, and tactility rather than the mix 
of classical façades and rectilinear Modernist blocks of other European cities.”


Barcelona with Need Supply | Wide Eyed Legless    Barcelona with Need Supply | Wide Eyed Legless


Ahhhh, Barcelona. Her curves, her light, her willingness to pull you in and make you her own. A city as captivating as any I have traveled to and yet somehow distinctly its own. If only I had the exact words to explain what I meant, so instead I set out to capture this exact essence for  Need Supply on my recent trip there.


Barcelona with Need Supply | Wide Eyed Legless


I wanted to find a way to visually show this push and pull that I felt while walking her streets. Nature becoming architecture. And architecture taking on a more organic form. This visual tension lends its self to a more care-free air. The overgrown lush greenery, and architecture with curves as if to mimic the air itself. I was utterly captivated by this wild and slightly eerie nature.


Wide Eyed Legless - Barcelona with Need Supply

Barcelona | Wide Eyed Legless    Barcelona | Wide Eyed Legless

Barcelona | Wide Eyed Legless

Favorites in the city (both architecture and food):

La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Casa Batllo, Parc de la Ciutadella, Parc del Laberint d’Horta, Casa Mila, Satan coffee corner, Nomad coffee, Black Remedy,  Federal Cafe, Mercado Boqueria (make sure to eat at El Quim), Picasso museum, Miro Fondation, Bar Canete, Sensi Tapas, Bar Mut, Bicnic, Tapas 24

 Wide Eyed Legless        Barcelona | Wide Eyed Legless

Need Supply | Wide Eyed Legless

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